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HRRC Vision 

Our vision is to educate and to build a strong industry of clean and sober housing providers in which establishing this foundation promotes the steppingstones for a healthier lifestyle.

HRRC Mission

Hawaii Recovery Residences Coalition (HRRC) works to set standards for clean and sober homes by working together for the sole purpose of the individuals we serve providing structured homes; homes with rules and regulations, homes that teach independence, accountability, and responsibility,and homes based on family values.


  1. Helping individuals transition out of an unhealthy lifestyle of alcohol and drug addiction.

  2. Seeing individuals become successful in life.

  3. Returning back to their communities, workforce and most of all their families.

  4. Becoming role models for their families and others suffering with substance abuse and addiction.

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Be apart of something greater. Organizations and Individuals are welcomed to join.

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