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Fundraising Organizer

We are looking for an enthusiastic and social individual who does not mine donating their time to assist us in coming up with creative fundraising events/activities that will allow us to increase money to support our organization. Fundraising is a great resource that we can utilize to reach more individuals with the hope of change.

Marketing Expert

We are looking for a creative and out-of-the-box individual who does not mine donating their time to assist us with our marketing tools. We welcome anyone who is willing to consulate, train, and/or produce marketing materials we may not or can improve on.

Board Member

We are looking for individuals who want to make an impact on the lives of men in recovery by participating in our organizations oversight as a Board of Member. We need someone who is willing to share their time, wisdom, and experiences with our organizations governing board in order to improve the quality and longevity of this organization. We're interested in skilled individuals who have become experts in their field of work. No board experience necessary. 

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