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Community Impact

Our Passion

MOKA is committed to seeing families and communities thriving. Aside from our clean and sober living homes. Some of the things we have been honored to do is food distribution, outreaching to the displaced population.

Maui Relief Support

In coordination with Lieutenant Governor Sylvia Luke and the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (OHA), the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement (CNHA) previously opened the Maui Relief Storage Facility, a coordinated donation management center to receive, sort and inventory donations collected for Maui residents impacted by the wildfires and store them until they are ready to be transported and received on Maui.


Previously located in Hakuone at Kaka‘ako Makai, the Maui Relief Storage Facility was set-up to receive donations from coordinated relief efforts/drives across O‘ahu. Mahalo to the businesses, community organizations, churches, schools, etc. who are collected and received large donations. The donations received at the facility, were sorted, inventoried, and stored until ready to be received on Maui and then transported.

Kakaako warehouse opening.png

Neighborhood Security Walk

Keoki, could you please add some information in here. 

I am going to use the Neighborhood walk that our clients have been able to be a part of it.  Partnering with our government officials, HPD, and families within their own communities for neighbor hood safety.

Family Bible Study and support group.

Food Distribution

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