Makana O Ke Akua - Gift of God

Our Vision 

Our vision is to reconnect, reunite, and restore men back to their communities, workforce, and most of all back to their families.

Our Mission

Makana O Ke Akua Inc. was founded for the sole purpose of offering a structured, clean and sober living environment for men who want to make a positive change with their lives.

John Lyon Dudoit Jr.

John L. Dudoit Jr. is the Founder and Director of Makana O Ke Akua. Born on June 27, 1952, John grew up as a rambunctious young boy. He was very excited about life and life expereinces.

Life wasn't always easy for John. Wrong decisions in his life lead him to an unhealthly lifestyle. He was on his way to a destructive life. 

John took a complete turn in his life while being incarcerated at OCCC. At OCCC he found God. After being released from prison he was determined to have a new life. Eventually he was restored back to his family and remarried his wife. He has become the father of his home and is now helping other men to restore their lives, just as he did.

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